About the artist :


Chris Souilijaert can probably be best described as a curious nomad because his creative

energies have driven him to travel the world 14 times over.


His talent emerged as a young boy and he could not stop drawing, painting and taking

photographs. Eventually that progressed to France's National School of Art where he

discovered one of his passions was documentary film-making.


« Painting with a camera » became a way of life after college when he headed to Australia

where he worked for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC TV) rising to the role of

chief cameraman at Parliament House in the nation's capital, Canberra.

As well, Chris created his own film company.


His documentary exploits included the critically acclaimed « Nutha Nadya », the result of 12

months travelling throughout Australia filming all aspects of the life in the land « down under ».

Chris also took his camera along to document his time on a sailing ship across the Atlantic

and South Pacific. And there was also a look at life in the « land of lost gods » -Mexico. Along

with the documentaries he produced from those adventures, he took thousands of still

photographs and crafted several illustrated travel journals which make fascinating reading.


During these years Chris did not stop drawing, painting and sculpting and even building a

house ; his creative juices whetted by the sights and sounds of the many and  often exotic

places he visited whether that was in South America, Asia, Africa or the South Pacific .


His works have been exhibited in his native France as well as Australia, Japan, Canada and

the USA. He has operated studios in Australia and Fiji and now back in France... « for a while»

as artist in Residence. It is at « Les 100 Ciels » Studio where he has begun sharing his

knowledge and inspiring others in all artistic areas , including into more diverse disciplines

such as tapestry, leadlight and sculpture.


Chris lives by the motto : « Quality is a measure of excellence ; it's difficult to describe but it is

recognizable straightaway ». Architecture has always fascinated Chris and he was captivated

by the variety of styles early settlers brought to Australia. His collection of ink drawings drew

the interest of the Australian Ambassador to France who in 2007 invited Chris to display the

works at the Australian Embassy in Paris.


As a passionate citizen of the world, he has a challenge for all with the question : « Is it not

true that life is short and the Earth is still fabulous ? » And for those pessimists who would

downplay what affect an individual can have on the world, Chris says : « We should be more

actors now instead of being only spectators for ever ».


Spend a little time with Chris Souilijaert and you will find the « perfect » world citizen, born in France

and invigorated by more than 35 years in Australia.